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Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development

pp 1177-1178

Psychoeducational Assessment

  • Elizabeth LevinAffiliated withDepartment of Psychology, Laurentian University Email author 
  • , Dorothy OlfertAffiliated withGord Ewin Centre for Education, Rainbow District School Board


Psychoeducationa​l evaluation; Psychoeducationa​l testing


A psychological assessment performed for use in a school setting, which is typically used to identify, for educational or diagnostic purposes, a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses.


Psychoeducational assessments are primarily conducted by school psychological staff and/or external, clinical psychologists for usage within the school context. Results of the assessment can be used to make educational identifications, e.g., academic giftedness and/or formal diagnoses, e.g., reading disability. The results can assist school staff and parents in obtaining a better understanding of a student’s individual learning strengths and needs, and providing educational programming accordingly.

A typical school based referral for a psychological assessment includes the administration of a number of standardized tests. Standardized tests allow the child to be compared to broad based norm ...

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