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Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development

pp 1118-1119

Play-Group Therapy

  • Ashlea SmithAffiliated withDepartment of Psychology, Phoenix College


Adlerian play therapy; Adolescent and child behavior therapy; Age-related play therapy; Art therapy; Child-centered therapy; Child psychotherapy; Child therapy; Cognitive-behavioral play therapy (CBPT); Counseling; Directive play therapy; Expressive group therapy; Gestalt play therapy; Group activity therapy; Group play therapy; Group psychotherapy; Music therapy; Nondirective play therapy; Play therapy; Play therapy group; Sand tray therapy


A relationship built between peer groups of children or adolescents with a therapist specializing in play therapy, using group therapy techniques in a playroom setting as a means for youth to explore themselves and others (e.g., how one acts, thinks, and feels) through play.


Play is the universal language used by children to communicate their understanding of the world around them where the toys depict the words of the child. Play therapy is to children as talk therapy also known as narrative ...

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