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Encyclopedia of Multimedia

pp 67-74

Collaborative Computing

  • Wayne RobbinsAffiliated withDefence R&D Canada, Ottawa
  • , Schahram DustdarAffiliated withVienna University of Technology


Collaborative computing is a fertile mélange of technologies and techniques which facilitate people working together via computer-assisted means.


The area offers a plethora of research and development opportunities across a number of disciplines while also constituting an increasingly common part of daily business practice within industry and government.

By its very definition, collaboration implies working in a joint fashion with those not immediately connected. Consequently, it has long been the “cornerstone of group activity” regardless of setting [1]; and in many situations, collaboration has been and continues to address ways to better cooperate in a co-located setting. In most cases, however, the disconnectedness implied by (tele-)collaboration entails the use of modern communications mechanisms as part of working in a distributed manner. Additionally, given the traditional limitation of shared physical spaces, the many subtle and assumed ...

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