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Encyclopedia of Biometrics

pp 145-152

Biometric Technical Interface, Standardization

  • John LarmouthAffiliated withUniversity of Salford


Biometric interchange formats; CBEFF; BioAPI; BIP; Tenprint capture


There are three main sets of international biometric technical interface standards. The first set is the Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework (CBEFF) Standards that provide for the addition of meta-data (such as date captured, expiry date, capture device information, and security information supporting integrity, and/or encryption) to a biometric data format (a finger-print image or minutiae, an iris image, dynamic information related to a signature, etc – a Biometric Data Block, or BDB). The second set is the Biometric Application Programme Interface (BioAPI) standards that provide for interchange of biometric information between modules (provided by different vendors) within a single biometric system. The third is the BioAPI Interworking Protocol (BIP) that provides for the exchange of biometric information and control of biometric devices between systems (provided by differe ...

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