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Encyclopedia of Biometrics

pp 183-189

Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework Standardization

  • Fernando L. PodioAffiliated withNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • , Fred HerrAffiliated withNIST Contractor - Identification Technology Partners, Inc


BIR; Biometric Information Record; SBH; Standard Biometric Header; SB; Security Block; Patron Format Specification; Biometric Registration Authority; Data Interchange Format


Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework (CBEFF) provides a standardized set of definitions and procedures that support the interchange of biometric data in standard data structures called CBEFF biometric information records (BIRs). BIRs are well-defined data structures that consist of two or three parts: the standard biometric header (SBH), the biometric data block (BDB), and possibly the optional security block (SB). CBEFF permits considerable flexibility regarding BIR structures and BDB content, but does so in a way that makes it easy for biometric applications to evaluate their interest in processing a particular BIR. CBEFF imposes no restrictions on the contents of a BDB, which can conform to a standardized biometric data interchange format or can be completely proprietary ...

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