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Encyclopedia of Biometrics

pp 96-101

Biometric Sample Acquisition

  • Dale SetlakAffiliated withAuthenTec, Inc.


Biometric data acquisition; Biometric data capture; Biometric front end; Biometric sensing; Fingerprint capture; Fingerprint reading; Fingerprint scan; Image capture; Iris capture; Iris scan


Biometric sample acquisition is the process of capturing information about a biological attribute of the subject, as it exists within a specific time frame. The objective is to measure data that can be used to derive unique properties of the subject that are stable and repeatable over time and over variations in acquisition conditions.

Typically, the capture process measures a physical property that is affected by the biological characteristic of interest, and converts the measured data into a format that is suitable for analysis – typically a digital electronic format compatible with computerized analysis.

For simplicity, in this discussion, it is assumed that behavioral biometrics are biological attributes that have a temporal dimension and are included in the dis ...

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