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Encyclopedia of Biometrics

pp 1328-1332

Test Sample and Size

  • Michael E. SchuckersAffiliated withSt. Lawrence University


Crew designs; Sample size; Target population


The testing and evaluation of biometrics is a complex task. The difficulties in such an endeavor include the selection of the number and type of individuals that will participate in this process of testing. Determining the amount of data to be collected is another important factor in this process. Choosing an appropriate set of individuals from which to collect biometrics data is another important aspect of testing a biometrics system.


The assessment of a biometric system’s matching performance is an important part of evaluating such a system. A biometric implementation is an ongoing process and as such will be treated as a process in the sense of Hahn and Meeker [1]. Thus, any inference regarding that process will be analytic in nature rather than enumerative as delineated by Deming [2]:

An enumerative study has for its aim an estimate of the number of units of a frame that belong to ...

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