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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 3479-3482

WEB Information Retrieval Models

  • Craig MacDonaldAffiliated withUniversity of Glasgow
  • , Iadh OunisAffiliated withUniversity of Glasgow


Web search engines


The Web can be considered as a large-scale document collection, for which classical text retrieval techniques can be applied. However, its unique features and structure offer new sources of evidence that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of Information Retrieval (IR) systems. Generally, Web IR examines the combination of evidence from both the textual content of documents and the structure of the Web, as well as the search behavior of users and issues related to the evaluation of retrieval effectiveness in the Web setting.

Web Information Retrieval models are ways of integrating many sources of evidence about documents, such as the links, the structure of the document, the actual content of the document, the quality of the document, etc. so that an effective Web search engine can be achieved. In contrast with the traditional library-type settings of IR systems, the Web is a hostile environment, where Web search engines have to ...

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