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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 960-961

e-Commerce Transactions

  • Jari VeijalainenAffiliated withUniversity of Jyvaskyla


Electronic commerce transactions; EC transactions


“An electronic transaction is the sale or purchase of goods or services, whether between businesses, households, individuals, governments, and other public or private organizations, conducted over computer mediated networks. The goods and services are ordered over those networks, but the payment and the ultimate delivery of the good or service may be conducted on or off-line.” [1]

A mobile e-Commerce transaction is an e-Commerce transaction that is initiated and performed using a mobile device, such as a mobile phone or a laptop, over a wireless access network or a short-range wireless link.

Key Points

E-commerce transaction was defined by OECD [1] from business and statistical perspective. The parties above can be individual customers (C), companies (B), or governments (A). One speaks accordingly about B2C, B2A, B2B, C2C e-Commerce and e-Commerce transactions. Historically, Electronic Data Inte ...

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