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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 1048-1052

Event Prediction

  • Segev WasserkrugAffiliated withIBM Research Labs-Haifa


Prediction regarding future events; Prediction of event occurrence


Event prediction is the capability to estimate the possibility that some event may occur in the future. Some applications may even be required to advance beyond simply predicting the occurrence of events and need to influence the occurrence of some future event. For example, this may involve either decreasing the chance that a non-desirable event will occur or increasing the chance that a desirable event will occur. To determine whether or not such actions should indeed be carried out requires decision-making capabilities.

Historical Background

The first event-based systems were active databases in which automatic actions were carried out as a result of database queries. This was done using the ECA (Event-Condition-Action) paradigm. As such applications evolved, the events to which applications were required to respond evolved beyond single queries (e.g., insertion o ...

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