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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 412-413

Complex Event Processing

  • Opher EtzionAffiliated withIBM Research Lab in Haifa


Event processing; Event stream processing


Complex event processing deals with various types of processing complex events.

Key Points

Figure 1 shows that the different applications of the CEP technology are not monolithic, and can be classified into five different solution segments, which differ in their motivation, from the user's perspective, they are:
  • RTE (Real-Time Enterprise): The processing should affect business processes while they are still running. For example, stop an instance of a workflow that deals with trading a certain stock, if the trade request has been withdrawn.

  • Active Diagnostics: Finding the root-cause of a problem based on events that are symptoms.

  • Information Dissemination: A personalized subscription that enables subscriptions in lower granularity, where the subscription does not match the published event, but a combination of event. For example, notify me when IBM stock has gone up 2% within 1 hour.

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