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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 12-14

Access Control Administration Policies

  • Elena FerrariAffiliated withUniversity of Insubria


Authorization administration policies; Authorization administration privileges


Administration policies regulate who can modify the authorization state, that is, who has the right to grant and revoke authorizations.

Historical Background

Authorization management is a an important issue when dealing with access control and, as such, research on this topic is strongly related to the developments in access control. A milestone in the field is represented by the research carried out in the 1970s at IBM in the framework of the System R project. In particular, the work by Griffiths and Wade [9] defines a semantics for authorization revocation, which had greatly influenced the way in which authorization revocation has been implemented in commercial Relational DBMSs. Administrative policies for Object-oriented DBMSs have been studied in [8]. Later on, some extensions to the System R access control administration model, have been defined [3], ...

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