Encyclopedia of Database Systems

2009 Edition

Secure Data Outsourcing

  • Barbara Carminati
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Data outsourcing is a new, emerging data management paradigm in which the owner of data is no longer totally responsible for its management. Rather, a portion of data is outsourced to external providers who offer data management functionalities. Secure data outsourcing is a discipline that investigates security issues associated with data outsourcing.

Historical Background

At present, service outsourcing is a paradigm widely used by many companies and organizations to achieve better service by delegating some of their business functions to external specialized service providers. A natural evolution of this paradigm is the recent emergence of data outsourcing. With this strategy, a company is no longer completely responsible for its own data management. Rather, it outsources some of its data functionalities to one or more external data management service providers (such as efficient query processing or large storage capability)....

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