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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 2012-2018

Parallel and Distributed Data Warehouses

  • Todd EavisAffiliated withConcordia University


Scalable decision support systemsHigh performance data warehousing


To support the burgeoning data volumes now encountered in decision support environments, parallel and distributed data warehouses are being deployed with greater frequency. Having evolved from haphazard and often poorly understood repositories of operational information, the data warehouse itself has become one of the cornerstones of corporate IT architectures. However, as the underlying operational databases grow in size and complexity, so too do the associated data warehouses. In fact, it is not unusual for many corporate or scientific repositories to exceed a terabyte in size, with the largest now reaching 100 TB or more. While processing power has grown significantly during the past decade, the sheer scale of the workload places enormous strain on single CPU data warehousing servers. As a result, some form of data and/or query distribution is often employed in production environmen ...

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