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Image Querying

  • Ilaria Bartolini
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Image querying refers to the problem of finding objects that are relevant to a user query within image databases (Image DBs). The classical solutions to deal with such problem include the semantic-based approach, where an image is represented through metadata (e.g., keywords), and the content-based solution, commonly called content-based image retrieval (CBIR), where the image content is represented by means of low-level features (e.g., color and texture). While with the semantic-based approach the image querying problem is transformed into an information retrieval problem, for CBIR more sophisticated query evaluation techniques are required. The usual approach to deal with this is illustrated in Fig. 1: By means of a graphical user interface (GUI), the user provides a query image, by sketching it using graphical tools, by uploading an image she/he has, or by selecting an image supplied by the system. Low-level features are extracted for...
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