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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 2065-2069

Peer-to-Peer Data Integration

  • Anastasios KementsietsidisAffiliated withIBM T.J. Watson Research Center


Peer-to-Peer data integration lies in the intersection of two popular research topics, namely, Peer-to-Peer systems and Data Integration, and is one of the key topics in the area of Peer-to-Peer Data Management. A Peer-to-Peer data integration setting involves a set \({\cal P}\) of autonomous, heterogeneous, independently evolving (peer) sources whose pairwise schema or data-level mappings, collectively denoted by \({\cal M}\), induce a peer-to-peer network. In this setting, each (peer) source in the network can be queried and act as an access point to the data residing in the other network sources. Research in this area focuses on studying the specification and expressiveness of the peer mappings; the corresponding query languages used; algorithms for rewriting queries between peer source schemas; and, to some extent, topics that concern the propagation of updates between peer sources. Key characteristics of the peer-to-peer data integration setting that differenti ...

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