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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 3332-3339

View-based Data Integration

  • Yannis KatsisAffiliated withUniversity of California-San Diego
  • , Yannis PapakonstantinouAffiliated withUniversity of California-San Diego


Data Integration (or Information Integration) is the problem of finding and combining data from different sources. View-based Data Integration is a framework that solves the data integration problem for structured data by integrating sources into a single unified view. This integration is facilitated by a declarative mapping language that allows the specification of how each source relates to the unified view. Depending on the type of view specification language used, view-based data integration systems (VDISs) are said to follow the Global as View (GAV), Local as View (LAV) or Global and Local as View (GLAV) approach.

Historical Background

Data needed by an application are often provided by a multitude of data sources. The sources often employ heterogeneous data formats (e.g., text files, web pages, XML documents, relational databases), structure the data in different ways and can be accessed through different methods (e.g., web forms, database c ...

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