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Encyclopedia of GIS

pp 871-875

Photogrammetric Sensors

  • Michael CramerAffiliated withInstitute for Photogrammetry (ifp), Stuttgart University


Photogrammetric images; Photogrammetric cameras; Aerial imagery; Image acquisition; Air borne sensors; Remote sensing


Images are the main data source of photogrammetric data processing. Hence the sensors used for data acquisition are an elementary part of the photogrammetric processing chain. In general, images are taken by satellite, airborne, or terrestrial sensors for photogrammetric applications such as object and terrain modeling and acquisition of topographic data. This entry summarizes the state-of-the-art and focuses on the strong trend towards digital image recording.

Historical Background

The idea of using photographs for the reconstruction of the imaged objects was born almost at the same time as the invention of photography. Starting in the mid of the 19th century object coordinates were estimated from two dimensional images based on the fundamental equations of image geometry. The term “photogrammetry” appeared for the first ...

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