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Encyclopedia of GIS

pp 483-493

Index Structures, Extensible

  • Marios HadjieleftheriouAffiliated withAT&T Labs Inc.
  • , Erik HoelAffiliated withESRI
  • , Vassilis J. TsotrasAffiliated withComputer Science Department, University of California Riverside


Indexing framework, spatial/spatiotemporal; Indexing API, spatial/spatiotemporal; Library, software


SaIL (SpAtial Index Library) [15] is an extensible application programming framework that enables easy integration of spatial and spatio‐temporal index structures into existing applications. SaIL focuses mainly on design issues and techniques for providing an application programming interface generic enough to support user defined data types, customizable spatial queries, and a broad range of spatial and spatio‐temporal index structures, in a way that does not compromise functionality, extensibility and, primarily, ease of use.

Historical Background

A plethora of GIS and other applications are related with spatial, spatio‐temporal and, generally, multi‐dimensional data. Typically, such applications have to manage millions of objects with diverse spatial characteristics. Examples include mapping applications that have to visualize numerous layers and hundreds of ...

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