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Quantum GIS

  • Marco Hugentobler
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QGIS; Open Source; Qt libray; MapServer


Quantum GIS [1] is an opensource GIS written in C++ available under the conditions of the GPL license. It is based on the C++ crossplattform library Qt from Trolltech [4]. Therefore, it runs on most existing operating systems, including Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows. The name ‘Quantum GIS’ has no special meaning, except that it starts with a Q, indicating that it uses the Qt library.

The main focus of QGIS is interactive two dimensional viewing of spatial data. However, there is also functionality for editing vector data and a GRASS plugin to use the analytical functionality of the GRASS program [3] from within the QGIS GUI. QGIS supports a large number of vector and raster formats, including PostGIS, GRASS, Shapefile, GML, WFS, GPX, WMS, GeoTiff, PNG, JPG and many others. QGIS supports reprojecting on-the-fly for vector data sets by using the PROJ4 library.

QGIS provides a plugin mechanism which can be used to add support...


Data Provider Open Source Program Project File Party Application Individual Data Source 
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