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2007 Edition
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Maksutov, Dmitry Dmitrievich

  • Alexander A. Gurshtein
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BornNikolayev (Mykolayiv, Ukraine), 11/23 April 1896

DiedLeningrad (Saint Petersburg, Russia), 12 August 1964

Dmitry Maksutov was a Soviet optician who is credited as a leading designer of astronomical optical instruments after World War II. A graduate (1913) of cadet school, he was enrolled in the Military Engineering College of Saint Petersburg, but his study was interrupted by World War I. Like other members of his family, he fought in that conflict, and after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, attempted to immigrate to the United States through China but failed. Maksutov continued his education at the Tomsk Technical Institute (Siberia) and worked in Saint Petersburg and Odessa, Ukraine, where in 1930 he was arrested but miraculously survived while every other randomly chosen “suspect” was shot. He was arrested for a second time during Stalin's Great Terror in 1937.

From 1930 to 1952, Maksutov worked in the State Optical Institute (Leningrad), where he founded and headed the...

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