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Jarry‐Desloges, René

  • Patrick Fuentes
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BornRemilly's Castler, Ardennes, France, 1 February 1868

DiedCannes, France, 1 June 1951

Réne Jarry‐Desloges conducted an extended study of the impact of geography and atmospheric conditions on astronomical observation while carrying out an intense program of planetary observation at different observatories. He used his appreciable assets to build six separate observatories on two continents and made them available to colleagues and conducted his own observation, publishing the results in a journal that is a classic source for visual observations of planets.

Jarry‐Desloges's father, independently wealthy with an unearned income, provided his son René with advantages enjoyed by only a few other amateur astronomers, most notably Percival Lowell . Jarry‐Desloges enrolled in the French Astronomical Society [SAF] in 1889, just 2 years after it was founded by Camille Flammarionin 1887. Finding himself the owner of a small fortune, Jarry‐Desloges devoted most of his time to astronomy....

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