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Schalén, Carl Adam Wilhelm

  • Gustav Holmberg
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BornSweden, 11 January 1902

DiedSweden, 11 December 1993

Carl Schalén discovered, independently of Robert Trumpler, the general interstellar absorption, but his contribution to this field has been nearly forgotten. He was the son of Claës Adam Schalén and Vivica Ebpa Charlotta Strokirk and, in 1940, married Agnes Carmen Elisabeth Rosenblad.

Schalén received his Ph.D. in astronomy at Uppsala University in 1929 as one of the students of Östen Bergstrand and a contemporary of Bertil Lindblad and Knut Lundmark. Schalén held the position of observator at Uppsala from 1941 to 1955 and was professor of astronomy at Lund University from 1955 until his retirement in 1968. He was elected to the Royal Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, in 1949 and was a member of the council of the European Southern Observatory very early in its history.

Schalén was a member of the group of astronomers at Uppsala University, centered around Bergstrand and Lindblad, which used stellar spectra to determine the...

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