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Puiseux, Pierre‐Henri

  • Thomas Klöti
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BornParis, France, 20 July 1855

DiedFontenay, Jura, France, 28 September 1928

Pierre Puiseux produced a series of studies on the Moon, addressing its motion, its surface, and its internal structure. He was the son of Viktor Puiseux (1820–1883), an astronomer and mathematician as well as a member of the Academy of Sciences, and of Laure Louise Jeannet (died: 1858). In 1865, Puiseux began to attend the high school in Saint‐Louis; in 1875, he became a university student at the École Normale Supérieure, where he received his Ph.D. in mathematical sciences in 1879. On 20 June 1883, he married Laurence Elisa Marie Béatrice Bouvet, with whom he had seven children. Puiseux was well‐known as a mountain climber. He succeeded in several first ascents and contributed to the exploration of several mountains in France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Italy. He frequently published mountaineering articles in Annuaire du Club alpin français as well as in the journal Montagne.

Puiseux worked his way up...

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