Reference Work Entry

Handbook of Neurochemistry and Molecular Neurobiology

pp 293-307

Neuroimmune Cross Talk

  • G. Juhász


Immune system and the nervous system share the job of keeping the homeostatic control and responding to changes in external and internal environment. Similarity of their functions and common use of receptors, ligands and other cell-to-cell communication molecules by cells of nervous and immune system origin supports the idea that the two systems function in close cooperation. This chapter intends to provide an overview of the field of neuroimmune cross talk including innervation of immune system, innate immune system of the brain, commonly used mediators and transmitters, and the similarity of neuronal and immune synapse. We did not focus on autoimmune diseases of the brain and only barely touch the medical neuroimmunology because we aimed to give a survey of basic facts and principles of neuroimmune cross talk, providing a firm background for understanding medical consequences of interaction between the two systems.