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Cache-Oblivious B-Tree

2005; Bender, Demaine, Farach-Colton
  • Rolf Fagerberg
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Keywords and Synonyms

Cache-oblivious search tree; Cache-oblivious dictionary        

Problem Definition

Computers contain a hierarchy of memory levels, with vastly differing access times. Hence, the time for a memory access depends strongly on what is the innermost level containing the data accessed. In analysis of algorithms, the standard RAM (or von Neumann) model cannot capture this effect, and external memory models were introduced to better model the situation. The most widely used of these models is the two-level I/O-model [1], also called the External Memory model or the Disk Access model. The I/O‐model approximates the memory hierarchy by modeling two levels, with the inner level having size M, the outer level having infinite size, and transfers between the levels taking place in blocks of B consecutive elements. The cost of an algorithm is the number of memory transfers it makes.

The cache‐oblivious model, introduced by Frigo et al. [18], elegantly generalizes the I/O-model...


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