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Encyclopedia of Algorithms

pp 1-99

Shortest Paths Approaches for Timetable Information

2004; Pyrga, Schulz, Wagner, Zaroliagis
  • Riko JacobAffiliated withInstitute of Computer Science, Technical University of Munich

Keywords and Synonyms

Passenger information system; Timetable lookup; Journey planner; Trip planner     

Problem Definition

Consider the route-planning task for passengers of scheduled public transportation. Here, the running example is that of a train system, but the discussion applies equally to bus, light-rail and similar systems. More precisely, the task is to construct a timetable information system that, based upon the detailed schedules of all trains, provides passengers with good itineraries, including the transfer between different trains.

Solutions to this problem consist of a model of the situation (e. g. can queries specify a limit on the number of transfers?), an algorithmic approach, its mathematical analysis (does it always return the best solution? Is it guaranteed to work fast in all settings?), and an evaluation in the real world (Can travelers actually use the produ ...

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