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Encyclopedia of Algorithms

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Rate-Monotonic Scheduling

1973; Liu, Layland
  • Nathan FisherAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Science, University of North Carolina
  • , Sanjoy BaruahAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Science, University of North Carolina

Keywords and Synonyms

Real-time systems; Static-priority scheduling; Fixed-priority scheduling; Rate-monotonic analysis   

Problem Definition

Liu and Layland [9] introduced rate-monotonic scheduling in the context of the scheduling of recurrent real-time processes upon a computing platform comprised of a single preemptive processor.

The Periodic Task Model

The periodic task abstraction models real-time processes that make repeated requests for computation. As defined in [9], each periodic task \( { \tau_i } \) is characterized by an ordered pair of positive real-valued parameters \( { (C_i, T_i) } \), where Ci is the worst-case execution requirement and Ti the period of the task. The requests for computation that are made by task \( { \tau_i } \) (subsequently referred to as jobs that are generated by \( { \tau_i } \)) satisfy the following assumptions:

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