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External Sorting and Permuting

1988; Aggarwal, Vitter
  • Jeffrey Scott Vitter
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Out-of-core sorting              

Problem Definition

Notations The main properties of magnetic disks and multiple disk systems can be captured by the commonly used parallel disk model (PDM), which is summarized below in its current form as developed by Vitter and Shriver [ 16]:
$$ \begin{aligned} N &= \mathrm{problem\ size\ (in\ units\ of\ data\ items)\:;} \\ M &= \mathrm{internal\ memory\ size\ (in\ units\ of\ data\ items)\:;} \\ B &= \mathrm{block\ transfer\ size\ (in\ units\ of\ data\ items)\:;} \\ D &= \mathrm{number\ of\ independent\ disk\ drives\:;}\\ P &= \mathrm{number\ of\ CPUs\:,} \end{aligned} $$


Data Item Internal Memory Read Operation Matrix Transposition Realizable Ordering 
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