Doping Aspects of Zn-Based Wide-Band-Gap Semiconductors

  • Gertrude NeumarkEmail author
  • Yinyan GongEmail author
  • Igor KuskovskyEmail author
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The present Chapter deals with the wide-band-gap (defined here as greater than 2 eV) Zn chalcogenides, i.e. ZnSe, ZnS, and ZnO (mainly in bulk form). However, since recent literature on ZnS is minimal, the main coverage is of ZnSe and ZnO. In addition Zn1−x Be x Se (x ≤0.5) is included, since Be is expected to reduce degradation (from light irradiation/emission) in ZnSe. The main emphasis for all these materials is on doping, in particular p-type doping, which has been a problem in all cases. In addition, the origin of light emission in ZnO is not yet well established, so this aspect is also briefly covered.


Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Oxygen Vacancy Electron Nuclear Double Resonance Excimer Laser Annealing Metalorganic Molecular Beam Epitaxy 
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chemical vapor


electron–nuclear double resonance


etch pit density


electron paramagnetic resonance


high-resolution X-ray diffraction




molecular beam epitaxy




metal-organic chemical vapor deposition


metalorganic molecular beam epitaxy


metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy




rapid thermal annealing


secondary ion mass spectrometry


transmission electron microscope




X-ray diffraction


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