Encyclopedia of Parallel Computing

2011 Edition
| Editors: David Padua

Topology Aware Task Mapping

  • Abhinav Bhatele
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Graph embedding; MPI process mapping


Topology aware task mapping refers to the mapping of communicating parallel objects, tasks, or processes in a parallel application on nearby physical processors to minimize network traffic, by considering the communication of the objects or tasks and the interconnect topology of the machine.



Processors in modern supercomputers are connected together using a variety of interconnect topologies: meshes, tori, fat-trees, and others. Increasing size of the interconnect leads to an increased sharing of resources (network links and switches) among messages and hence network contention. This can potentially lead to significant performance degradation for certain classes of parallel applications. Sharing of links can be avoided by minimizing the distance traveled by messages on the network. This is achieved by mapping communicating objects or tasks on nearby physical processors on the network topology and is...

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