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Encyclopedia of Women’s Health

pp 1126-1128

Regional Rheumatic Pain

  • Amita Sapra
  • , Lori B. Siegel

Regional rheumatic pain is a family of syndromes including tendonitis, tenosynovitis, and bursitis. These conditions, although commonly seen in medical practice, are challenging to diagnose. They are usually diagnosed without laboratory testing or x-rays.

These conditions of the musculoskeletal system are the result of repetitive overuse along with abnormal body position or mechanics. Tendons, which attach muscle to bone, may be more vulnerable to injury if a person does not stretch before strenuous exercise. Bursae, which act as cushion around joints and in between muscles, can be subjected to extensive periods of pressure or force, causing inflammation. Less common causes for these conditions include aging, disuse, muscle atrophy or weakening, poor circulation, calcium deposits, or diseases such as arthritis. The health care provider should obtain a thorough history of patient activities, recent illnesses or trauma, and changes in habits or daily lifestyle. A detailed musculoskeletal ...

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