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Dermatology Therapy

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Corticosteroids, topical, high potency

Trade name(s)Generic in parentheses:Cyclocort (amcinonide); Lidex, Lidex-E, Licon (fluocinonide); Topicort (desoximetasone); Diprosone, Maxivate, Alphatrex (betamethasone dipropionate); Halog, Halog-E (halcinonide)

Generic available


Drug class


Mechanism of action

Anti-inflammatory; anti-proliferative; atrophy causing

Dosage form

Cream; ointment; lotion; gel

Dermatologic indications and dosage

See table

Common side effects

Cutaneous: skin atrophy; steroid addiction (rebound flare after discontinuing the medication); tachyphylaxis; increased susceptibility to local infection; perioral dermatitis; delayed wound healing; hypopigmentation; acneform eruption; striae

Serious side effects

Miscellaneous: adrenal insufficiency

Drug interactions



Hypersensitivity to drug class or component; avoid use on the face for more than 14 day ...

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