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Rheumatology and Immunology Therapy

pp 709 -710



Plasma cell tumor, plasma cell neoplasia, solitary plasmacytoma of bone (SPB), extramedullary plasmacytoma (EMP).


A tumor composed of a monoclonal plasma cell infiltrate occurring most commonly in bone. Patients typically present with skeletal pain at the site of the lesion or pathological fractures. Vertebrae are the most common site of involvement in solitary plasmacytoma of bone (SPB). Diagnostic criteria include a monoclonal plasma cell infiltrate on biopsy, a normal bone marrow aspirate and biopsy, and a negative skeletal survey. Electrophoresis may reveal a monoclonal protein in the serum or urine which is usually less than that seen in overt myeloma. Extramedullary plasmacytoma (EMP) does occur and generally involves the head and neck area.



Chemotherapy is not indicated in the treatment of SPB or EMP. Adjuvant chemotherapy does not improve outcome nor does it prevent development of multiple mye ...

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