Reference Work Entry

Robust Electronic Design Reference Book

pp 849-859


  • John R. Barnes


Software rarely has much effect on a system's radiated and conducted emissions (electromagnetic compatibility, EMC), but it can have a huge effect on the system's:
  • Tolerance for operator errors, misuse, and abuse.

  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

  • Immunity to electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Some things that software can do that may reduce emissions are:
  • Staggering the starting/stopping of motors, instead of starting/stopping them simultaneously.

  • Switching a UART from input mode to output mode by going input-tristate-output, instead of input-output.

  • Using RAM inside the microprocessor/microcontroller for frequently-used variables.

  • Not sending high-data-rate signals to peripherals that don't need them.

We want to protect the system from:
  • Software bugs.

  • Transient errors ...

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