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Environmental Geology

Part of the series Encyclopedia of Earth Science pp 438-440


  • Josef Svoboda
  • , Doris Nabert

The noosphere is the realm of human minds interconnected and interacting through communication. The term, meaning the realm of reasoning, was first proposed by the French philosopher of science, Edouard Le Roy (1870–1954; Smith, 1967), and the French anthropologist–philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (q.v.; Goudge, 1967). It was further promoted by the Russian natural scientist, Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky (q.v.; Borisov et al., 1993).

The biosphere has established itself in the global ‘landscape.’ In contrast, the realm of the human mind, and also of the noosphere, is an invisible dimensionless ‘inscape.’ All forms of communication represent the connecting ‘netscape’ between the two.

The noosphere is a dynamic manifestation of the most advanced life-form on this planet, Homo sapiens, realized through the complex mental activity in which only humans engage. The noosphere has emerged as a ‘planetary neo-env ...

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