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Encyclopedia of World Climatology

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Hare, F. Kenneth (1919–2002)

  • John Hay

In his as-yet-unpublished autobiography, Ken Hare concludes with:

two conflicting self assessments … my students, colleagues and collaborators have done most of the real work…. I should have concentrated on a narrower range of subjects. I diffused my efforts — partly because of the strange cocktail of opportunities that I had to capitalize, but mainly because I am like my own pet beagle: I can’t resist following any interesting scent that crosses my path.

The first comment hints at two key attributes of an individual who made important contributions during key times for the evolution of climatology — his typical selfdeprecation, and his personally inspiring and enabling nature. The second self-assessment is poignant — it hints at a person who has left this world feeling his contributions could have been more substantive, and given greater recognition. But his contributions were not only substantial but also pioneering and perceptive. As a result of Hare’s many and diverse contributions t ...

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