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2001 Edition
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Multivariate quality control

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Manufacturing processes typically involve monitoring several correlated quality characteristics simultaneously. For example, Kao (1986) considered a machining operation for valve seat inserts where the variables of interest are outside diameter, width, seat angle and seat concentricity. Although monitoring could be achieved by using a univariate control chart for each of the characteristics, the possible correlations between variables is not utilized in this approach. The use of procedures that capture the information available in bivariate (or multivariate) data on the same chart can provide richer interpretations than individual univariate charts. In addition, Jackson (1956)showed that the use of simultaneous univariate control charts could give misleading results even when the correlation is zero. Multivariate quality control procedures are those which entail the simultaneous monitoring of two or more quality characteristics by means of a single control chart. The...

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