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Beaches and Coastal Geology

Part of the series Encyclopedia of Earth Science pp 2-2

Accretion ridge

  • Joanne Bourgeois

In a geomorphological sense, the term accretion refers to the addition of sediments to a topographic feature, usually in a lateral sense (lateral accretion). Fisk (1959) used the term accretion ridge to describe an ancient beach ridge inland of a modern beach on a prograding coastline. Shoreline sediments that could be abandoned by accretion include beach ridges, cheniers, and barriers (Russell, 1968; Todd, 1968; Hoyt, 1969). Ball (1967) used the term beachaccretion bedding to describe the low-angle bedding produced by an accreting beach face.

Reineck and Singh (1980) review various processes of shoreline accretion. Raised beaches abandoned because of eustatic lowering of sea level or tectonic uplift would not be accretion ridges.

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