The Genus Zymomonas

  • Hermann Sahm
  • Stephanie Bringer-Meyer
  • Georg A. Sprenger


Zymomonas mobilis has been reported mainly from tropical and subtropical habitats, e.g., sugar-rich, plant saps from agave (Mexico; Lindner, 1928), sugar cane (Brazil and Fiji Islands; reviewed in Falcao de Morais et al., 1993), and palm wine from central Africa (Swings and De Ley, 1977). Other sources of this organism include fermenting sugarcane juice (Goncalves de Lima et al., 1970), fermenting cocoa beans (Ostovar and Keeney, 1973), and bees and ripening honey (Ruiz-Argueso and Rodriguez-Navarro, 1975). In Europe, Z. mobilis also appeared in spoiled beer and cider. One of the first written descriptions of “cider sickness” was presented by Lloyd (1903), in which he noted the presence of “sulphuretted hydrogen” in spoiled ciders. Barker and Hillier (1912)were the first to study cider sickness extensively and gave a description of the responsible bacterium. Cider sickness is recognized by frothing and abundant gas formation, a typical change in the aroma and flavor,...


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