The Order Methanomicrobiales

  • Jean-Louis Garcia
  • Bernard Ollivier
  • William B. Whitman
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Characteristics of Methanomicrobiales

Although their morphology is diverse, Methanomicrobiales can be distinguished from other methanogens by growth properties, cell wall and lipid composition, and rDNA sequence. All Methanomicrobiales can use H2 + CO2 as a substrate for methanogenesis, most species can utilize formate, and many species utilize alcohols (Table 1). They cannot use acetate and methylated C-1 compounds such as methanol, methylamines and methyl sulfides as substrates for methanogenesis, and this property distinguishes them from the Methanosarcinales. Notably, even though the Methanomicrobiales cannot use acetate as a substrate for methanogenesis, many species require acetate as a carbon source. The absence of hydroxyarchaeol in their lipids further distinguishes them from the Methanosarcinales (Koga et al., 1998). In addition, all of the Methanomicrobiales so far examined contain aminopentanetetrols, galactose and glycerol in their lipids, and aminopentanetetrols are...


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