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Encyclopedia of Social Insects


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Table of contents (174 entries)

  1. Acropyga

    • John S. LaPolla
  2. Azteca

    • John T. Longino
  3. Diacamma

    • Sumana Annagiri
  4. Ectatomma

    • Jean-Paul Lachaud
  5. Halictus

    • Laurence Packer, Miriam H. Richards
  6. Lasioglossum

    • Miriam H. Richards, Laurence Packer
  7. Megalopta

    • Adam Smith
  8. Parapolybia

    • Sôichi Yamane
  9. Pheidole

    • Alexandre Casadei Ferreira
  10. Rhytidoponera

    • Robert W. Taylor
  11. Ropalidia

    • Raghavendra Gadagkar
  12. Temnothorax

    • Sarah Bengston, Daniel Charbonneau, Anna Dornhaus
  13. African Honey Bees

    • Christian Walter Werner Pirk
  14. Aging in Social Insects

    • Jürgen Heinze, Judith Korb, Boris Kramer
  15. Allodapine Bees

    • Michael P. Schwarz, Simon M. Tierney
  16. Allomones in Social Insects

    • Abdullahi A. Yusuf
  17. Aneuretus simoni

    • R. K. Sriyani Dias
  18. Ant Gardens

    • Bruno Corbara

About this book

A comprehensive, multi-author treatise on the social insects of the world, with some auxiliary attention to such adjacent topics as subsocial insects and social arachnids. The work is to serve as a very convenient, yet authoritative reference work on the biology and systematics of social insects of the world.  

This is a project of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI), the worldwide organizing body for the scientific study of social insects.  


  • Social insects
  • Bees
  • Ants
  • Honeybees
  • Wasps
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Pollination and agriculture

Editors and Affiliations

  • Caura Village, Trinidad and Tobago

    Christopher K. Starr

About the editor

Christopher K. Starr was born in Canada in 1949, but has spent the bulk of his adult life in the tropics of Asia and the New World. He was introduced to insects one day in 1954 by his grandmother, who happened to ask "Christopher, would thee like to go bug collecting?" What they found that day so amazed him that it grew into a lifetime in entomology. As an undergraduate in 1972, he reached the conviction that social insects are the most interesting feature of the known universe, a view from which he has not wavered. His main area of expertise is social wasps, but has been his pleasure alongside these to contribute original findings to our knowledge of social bees, ants, termites and solitary wasps.  After living and working in various countries, he moved to Trinidad & Tobago in 1991, where he retired as Professor of Entomology at the University of the West Indies in 2014.  As a friend of biodiversity and an adversary of the cold, he has every intention of remaining in this neotropical continental island.

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  • Book Title: Encyclopedia of Social Insects

  • Editors: Christopher K. Starr

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  • Publisher: Springer Cham

  • eBook Packages: Springer Reference Biomedicine & Life Sciences, Reference Module Biomedical and Life Sciences

  • Topics: Zoology, Zoology, Conservation Biology, Ecology