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Innovations in Global Mental Health

  • Serves as a trustworthy reference for emerging challenges in global mental health

  • Includes continuous updates as the field evolves

  • Written by internationally renowned experts in global mental health

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Table of contents (85 entries)

  1. A Community-Based Mental Health Intervention: Promoting Mental Health Services in Rwanda

    • Donatilla Mukamana, Lisa Lopez Levers, Kenya Johns, Darius Gishoma, Yvonne Kayiteshonga, Achour Ait Mohand
  2. Accessing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

    • Caley Arzamarski, Abby deSteiguer, Felicita Omari, Jennifer Hellmuth, Anne S. Walters
  3. Accompanying People with Mental Illnesses: The Role of CHWs in Mental Health-Care Services in Chiapas, Mexico

    • Fátima G. Rodríguez-Cuevas, Sarah J. Hartman, Mercedes Aguerrebere, Daniel Palazuelos
  4. African Traditional Medicine and Potential Role for Mental Health

    • Devina Lobine, Mohamad Fawzi Mahomoodally
  5. Capacity Building for a Mental Health System of Care in Liberia

    • Janice L. Cooper, Wilfred Gwaikolo, Dyonah Thomas
  6. Challenges in Health Workforce Planning: Caring for a Healthy Health Workforce

    • Eszter Kovacs, Mariann Tandari-Kovacs, Anna Kozak
  7. Challenges in Integrating Mental Health into Primary Care in Vietnam

    • Trang Nguyen, Tuan Tran, Ha Tran, Thach Tran, Jane Fisher
  8. Classification: The Foundation and Essential Catalyst for Advancing Mental Health Globally

    • Tahilia J. Rebello, Danielle M. Polland, Adina C. Heckelman, Elizabeth Magill, Geoffrey M. Reed, Kathleen M. Pike
  9. Community-Based Learning Club for Women’s Health and Infant Development in Rural Vietnam

    • Trang Nguyen, Tuan D. Tran, Ha Tran, Sarah Hanieh, Stanley Luchters, Beverley-Ann Biggs et al.
  10. Data Mining, Data Analytics, and Bioinformatics

    • Theresa Cullen, Jean E. Garcia
  11. Delivering Universal Health: A Collaborative Approach

    • Gabriel Ivbijaro, Lucja Kolkiewicz, Isatou N. S. N’jie, Yaccub Enum
  12. Developing a Curriculum in Global Mental Health

    • Victor Pereira-Sanchez, Jibril I. M. Handuleh, Justo E. Pinzón-Espinosa, Darpan Kaur Mohinder Singh

About this book

Over the course of the last decade, political and mental entities at large have embraced global mental health: the idea that psychiatric health is vital to improved quality of life.  Physicians globally have implemented guidelines recommended by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in 2007, thereby breaking down barriers to care and improving quality of life in areas where these practices have been implemented.  Programs for training and education have expanded as a result.  Clinicians benefit more from both local resources in some regions as well as in international collaboration and technological advancements. 

Even amidst all of these positive outcomes, clinicians still face some stumbling blocks.  With worldwide statistics estimating that 450 million people struggle with mental, neuropsychiatric, and neurological disorders—25 percent of the world’s non-communicable disease burden—rising to these challenges prove to be no small feat, even in wealthy Western nations.  

Various articles and books have been published on global mental health, but few of them thoroughly cover the clinical, research, innovative, and social implications as they pertain to psychiatry; often, only one of these aspects is covered.  A comprehensive text that can keep pace with the rapidly evolving literature grows more and more valuable each day as clinicians struggle to piece together the changes around the world that leave open the possibility for improved outcomes in care.

This book seeks to boldly rectify this situation by identifying innovative models of service delivery, training, education, research funding, and payment systems that have proven to be exemplary in implementation and scalability or have potential for scalability.  Chapters describe specific barriers and challenges, illuminating effective strategies for improved outcomes.

This text is the first peer-reviewed resource to gather prestigious physicians in global mental health from around the world and disseminate their expertise in the medical community at large in a format that is updateable, making it a truly cutting-edge resource in a world constantly changed by medical, scientific, and technological advances.

Innovations in Global Mental Health is the ultimate resource for psychiatrists, psychologists, primary care physicians, hospitalists, policy makers, and all medical professionals at the forefront of global mental health and its implications for the future.


  • Immigration and refugee services
  • Youths in developing regions
  • Community mental health programs
  • Payment systems
  • Geriatric psychiatry

Editors and Affiliations

  • Department of Psychiatry, Center for Health, Culture and Society, George Washington University, Nashville, Washington, USA

    Samuel O. Okpaku

About the editor

Sam O. Okpaku M.D., Ph.D.
Executive Director
Center for Health, Culture and Society
1233 17th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212, USA


Dr. Sam O. Okpaku M.D., Ph.D. is an expert in Global Mental Health who has lived in countries across the world, including Nigeria, the UK, Israel, and the US.  He has studied internal medicine, psychiatry, social welfare at various prestigious institutions globally.  In the US, he has held high-profile positions at various reputable institutions, including Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, and most recently Vanderbilt University.  His far-reaching medical interests include neurosurgery, psychiatry, nursing, neurology, immunology and internal medicine.  His non-medical interests include philosophy, music, and social justice.


In addition to his academic and global work, Dr. Okpaku has built a successful private practice in Nashville.  He takes pride in organizing his wealth of knowledge, experience, and international contacts into high-quality articles and professional books meant to advance the medical community around the world. 

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