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Handbook of Philosophy of Management

  • The first comprehensive handbook to map out the field of philosophy of management

  • Sets the terms of reference for philosophy of management as a discipline in its own right

  • Encourages both managers and researchers to develop the discipline of thinking from a player-practitioner point of view

Part of the book series: Handbooks in Philosophy (HP)

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Table of contents (59 entries)

  1. A Smile and a Sigh: Leadership Insights from the East

    • Ralph J. Bathurst, Michelle Sitong Chen
  2. Aesthetics and Leadership

    • Wendelin Küpers
  3. Aesthetics of Management

    • Wim Vandekerckhove
  4. Confucianism and Ethics in Management

    • Matthias Niedenführ, Alicia Hennig
  5. Creating an Effective Business Ethics

    • Arran Gare, Cristina Neesham
  6. Critical Realism and the Development of Management Theory

    • Steve Vincent, Scott Hurrell, Andrew Kozhevnikov
  7. Daoism and Ethics in Management

    • Alicia Hennig, Matthias Niedenführ
  8. Discoveries in the Science of Organizational Economics

    • Alejandro Agafonow, Marybel Perez

About this book

The Handbook of Philosophy of Management addresses the philosophical foundations of management in theory and practice. It covers most established branches of philosophy, including ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of research methodology, political and social philosophy, and philosophy of science. As philosophy provides a meta-framework for moving beyond paradigm fragmentation within management research and education, this allows researchers and practitioners to find harmony (and discord) in the perspectives revealed by a philosophical lens. The Handbook’s broad scope maps out the field and provides a forum where philosophy can be meaningfully applied to the study of management in all its forms. The original, peer reviewed  research published here sheds new light on the complexities of management theory and practice, beyond what hitherto has been possible with the sole application of the social sciences.


  • cross cultural management
  • ethical policy
  • human flourishing in social institutions
  • management aesthetics
  • management ethics
  • management of social norms
  • management of social order
  • management paradigms
  • mentality in organization
  • moral philosophy of management
  • philosophical foundations of management
  • philosophy in management
  • philosophy in practice
  • philosophy of management
  • reflection in practice
  • social and political philosophy of management

Editors and Affiliations

  • Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

    Cristina Neesham

  • Professur für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Universitaet Leuphana, Lüneburg, Germany

    Markus Reihlen

  • Dept of Management, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark

    Dennis Schoeneborn

About the editors

Cristina Neesham Reader in Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle, United Kingdom. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne. Cristina’s research interests focus on using philosophical methods to inform the strategic management of systemic social and environmental problems, as well as to support management research methodology in general. She is exploring the concept of value in business models and innovative technologies, and its application in various management practices. In this context, she investigates interdependencies between individual and group behaviours, social norms and institutional-regulatory regimes and their role in creating (as well as alleviating) social and environmental problems. Her philosophical work is also inspired from historiography and anthropology.

Cristina’s more recent publications include work on ‘Philosophical Foundations of Qualitative Organizational Research’ in the Routledge Companion to Qualitative Research in Organization Studies (2018), on ‘Class Conflict and Social Order in Smith, Marx and Whitehead’ in Philosophy of Management (2016), and on ‘Needs and Organisations’ in the Routledge Companion to Philosophy in Organization Studies (2016).

Cristina is Associate Editor for Business Ethics: A European Review, Executive Board member of the Philosophy of Management journal, Advisory Board member of the Journal of Philosophical Economics and Editorial Board member of the Springer Encyclopaedia of Business and Professional Ethics. She served as Chair of the Social Issues in Management (SIM) Research Committee of the Academy of Management, and she is former Chair (and current Secretary) of the Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN).

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  • Series Title: Handbooks in Philosophy

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