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Biology, Technology, Therapy

  • Treats both theoretical and practical aspects of bacteriophage therapy

  • Provides complete instructions for the detection of bacteriophages

  • Covers bacteriophage biology from their structur and function to genetics

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Table of contents (41 entries)

  1. Early Therapeutic and Prophylactic Uses of Bacteriophages

    • Nina Chanishvili, Zemphira Alavidze
  2. Enzybiotics: Endolysins and Bacteriocins

    • Ryan D. Heselpoth, Steven M. Swift, Sara B. Linden, Michael S. Mitchell, Daniel C. Nelson
  3. Food Safety

    • Lars Fieseler, Steven Hagens
  4. Genetics and Genomics of Bacteriophages

    • Aidan Casey, Aidan Coffey, Olivia McAuliffe
  5. Intellectual Property Issues for Bacteriophages

    • Martin R. MacLean, David R. Harper
  6. Isolation of Bacteriophages

    • Frits van Charante, Dominique Holtappels, Bob Blasdel, Ben Burrowes
  7. Novel Approaches for Detection of Bacteriophage

    • Carrie L. Pierce, Jon C. Rees, John R. Barr
  8. Phage Infection and Lysis

    • John J. Dennehy, Stephen T. Abedon
  9. Regulatory Aspects of the Therapeutic Use of Bacteriophages: Europe

    • Eric Pelfrene, Zigmars Sebris, Marco Cavaleri
  10. Structure and Function of Bacteriophages

    • Marta Sanz-Gaitero, Mateo Seoane-Blanco, Mark J. van Raaij
  11. Temperate Phages, Prophages, and Lysogeny

    • Joanna Łoś, Sylwia Zielińska, Anna Krajewska, Zalewska Michalina, Aleksandra Małachowska, Katarzyna Kwaśnicka et al.

About this book

The intention is to provide a defininitive reference work on the technological and therapeutic applications of bacteriophages. The main areas to be covered are indicated in the subtitles. It is intended to avoid an overdependence on reciting the history of the approach and rather to concentrate on its practical utility, albeit placing that in its appropriate context.


  • Bacteriophages
  • Host resistance
  • Phage infection
  • Biocontrol agents
  • Environmental Hygiene
  • antibiotic resistance

Editors and Affiliations

  • Evolution Biotechnologies, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

    David R. Harper, Malcolm L. McConville

  • Dept. of Microbiology, The Ohio State University Dept. of Microbiology, Mansfield, USA

    Stephen T. Abedon

  • GeneWEAVE Biosciences, Roche Molecular Systems GeneWEAVE Biosciences, Los Gatos, USA

    Benjamin H. Burrowes

About the editors

Dr. David Harper has a scientific background in virology and microbiology is the Chief Officer of Evolution Biotechnologies. He was the founder, CEO and CSO of Biocontrol Limited and CSO of AmpliPhi Biosciences and managed the first modern regulated clinical trial to demonstrate the efficacy of bacteriophages. He is a member of the Alternatives to Antibiotics panel, a collaboration between the Wellcome Trust and the UK Department of Health.

Dr. Stephen Abedon has been a member of the faculty of the Ohio State University, Department of Microbiology, for over 20 years. He has been studying bacteriophages for 30-plus years and has approximately 100 phage-based publications including six monographs or equivalents on phages which he has edited (five) or authored (one), along with three more edited volumes currently in progress. Additional information and resources can be found at

Dr Ben Burrowes gained his PhD in Medical Microbiology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 2010, where his research focus was the development of therapeutic bacteriophages with extended host range using in vitro evolution. Upon leaving Texas, Dr Burrowes worked at Biocontrol Inc. (now AmpliPhi Biosciences Corporation) developing multiple human phage therapy preparations targeting several major bacterial pathogens. Since 2013 Dr Burrowes has worked for GeneWEAVE Biosciences (now a division of Roche Molecular Systems) assisting in the development of rapid diagnostics for drug resistant bacteria using a proprietary phage-based platform.

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  • Publisher: Springer Cham

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