Table of contents

  1. Tamara M. Davis, David Parkinson
  2. Omar G. Benvenuto, Melina C. Bersten
  3. Peter Nugent, Mario Hamuy
  4. Enrique Garcı́a–Berro, Pablo Lorén–Aguilar
  5. Priscilla Frisch, Vikram V. Dwarkadas
  6. Timothy M. Heckman, Todd A. Thompson
  7. F. Richard Stephenson
  8. Elena Pian, Paolo A. Mazzali
  9. D. Breitschwerdt, R. C. Tautz, M. A. de Avillez
  10. Melina C. Bersten, Paolo A. Mazzali
  11. Friedrich-Karl Thielemann, Marius Eichler, Igor Panov, Marco Pignatari, Benjamin Wehmeyer
  12. Luke F. Roberts, Sanjay Reddy
  13. Hans-Thomas Janka
  14. Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo, Tobias Fischer, Karlheinz Langanke, Andreas Lohs, Andre Sieverding, Meng-Ru Wu

About this book


There is a great deal of primary and specialist literature on supernovae, with a great many scientific groups around the world focusing on the phenomenon and related subdisciplines, but what is missing is a comprehensive and balanced reference work that presents the current state of knowledge in the broad field of supernovae, to be used as a basis for further work and study by graduate students, astronomers and astrophysicists working in close/related disciplines, and established groups. This handbook closes that gap at last.

At present the study of supernovae encompasses a number of distinct subdisciplines including stellar types, progenitors, stellar evolution, nucleosynthesis of elements, supernova types, neutron stars and pulsars, black holes, swept up interstellar matter, cosmic rays, neutrinos from supernovae, supernova observations in different wavelengths, interstellar molecules and dust. All of the latest research in these areas is gathered in this collection to create a definitive source book on supernovae, their remnants and related topics.


Cosmology from Supernovae Explosion Mechanisms of Supernovae Formation of Pulsars, Neutrons Stars and Black Holes Historical Supernovae ISM and Supernovae Remnants Light Curves and Spectra of Supernova Neutrinos and Supernovae Nucleosynthesis in Supernovae Supernovae Handbook Supernovae Reference Supernovae and Stellar Evolution Types of Supernovae

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  • Athem W. Alsabti
    • 1
  • Paul Murdin
    • 2
  1. 1.University of London ObservatoryMill HillUnited Kingdom
  2. 2.CambridgeUnited Kingdom

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