Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxix
  2. General Aspects: Techniques and Overviews

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Chaochao Wu, Tao Liu, Erin S. Baker, Karin D. Rodland, Richard D. Smith
      Pages 17-48
    3. Chunxiu Hu, Jia Li, Guowang Xu
      Pages 49-74
    4. Yasuro Shinohara, Jun-ichi Furukawa, Yoshiaki Miura
      Pages 111-140
    5. Yutaka Tonomura, Mitsunobu Matsubara, Itsuro Kazama
      Pages 165-186
  3. Specific Analytes and Their Application

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 221-221
    2. Ishita Bhavsar, Craig S. Miller, Mohanad Al-Sabbagh
      Pages 223-249
    3. Halil Yaman, Emin Ozgur Akgul, Yasemin Gulcan Kurt, Erdinc Cakir
      Pages 267-290
    4. Tiphaine Robert-Mercier, Monique Dehoux, Dan Longrois, Jean Guglielminotti
      Pages 291-311
    5. Da-Hong Wang, Keiki Ogino, Yoshie Sato, Noriko Sakano, Masayuki Kubo, Kei Takemoto et al.
      Pages 313-331
    6. Antonia Ribes, Sonia Pajares, Ángela Arias, Judit García-Villoria
      Pages 333-361
    7. Peter S. Chang, Terry Hyslop, Scott A. Waldman
      Pages 363-381
    8. Roberto Bono, Valeria Romanazzi
      Pages 383-404
    9. Daniele Catalucci, Michael V. G. Latronico, Gianluigi Condorelli
      Pages 439-454
  4. Pregnancy and Life Events

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 455-455
    2. Michele Mussap, Vassilios Fanos
      Pages 457-481
    3. Ramkumar Menon, Nathalia Noda Nicolau, Sarah Bredson, Jossimara Polettini
      Pages 483-529
    4. Kaori Iino, Hideki Mizunuma
      Pages 531-543
  5. Nutrition, Metabolism and Environmental Health

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 545-545
    2. Mina Yamazaki Price, Victor R. Preedy
      Pages 547-566
    3. Fawaz Alzaid, Vinood B. Patel, Victor R. Preedy
      Pages 567-594
    4. Hueiwang Anna Jeng, Chin-Hong Pan
      Pages 595-612
  6. Cardiovascular System, Lung and Kidney

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 635-635
    2. Mehmet Ağirbaşli, Jeffrey D. Zahn, Akif Ündar
      Pages 637-658
    3. Juan Antonio Vílchez, Esteban Orenes-Piñero, Diana Hernández-Romero, Mariano Valdés, Francisco Marín
      Pages 659-688
    4. Chatzikyriakou Sofia, Panagiota Georgiadou, Eftihia Sbarouni, Vassilis Voudris
      Pages 689-707
    5. Frank Kramer, Hendrik Milting
      Pages 709-729
    6. Clara Bonanad, Sergio García-Blas, Paolo Racugno, Silvia Ventura, Fabian Chaustre, Julio Núñez
      Pages 757-781
    7. Naja Dam Mygind, Jens Kastrup
      Pages 783-810
    8. Ran Klein, Amir Pourmoghaddas, Brian Mc Ardle, Benjamin J. W. Chow
      Pages 811-840
    9. Wan Zaidah Abdullah
      Pages 841-859
    10. Konstantinos Kostikas, Petros Bakakos, Stelios Loukides
      Pages 861-890
    11. Masashi Kitagawa, Hitoshi Sugiyama, Kazufumi Nakamura, Hiroshi Ito, Hirofumi Makino
      Pages 891-917
    12. Johanna K. DiStefano, Rupesh Kanchi Ravi, Mahdieh Khosroheidari
      Pages 939-954
  7. Brain, Neurology and Associated Conditions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 955-955
    2. Barbara Schneider, David Prvulovic
      Pages 957-978
    3. Amy M. Jimenez
      Pages 979-1008
    4. Fang Fang, Tessandra Stewart, Jing Zhang
      Pages 1009-1030
    5. Thomas Krüger
      Pages 1031-1052
    6. Eda Tahir Turanli, Timucin Avsar, Uğur Uygunoğlu, Orhun H. Kantarci, Aksel Siva
      Pages 1053-1080

About this book


The well-being of humankind is dependent upon advances in biological and clinical sciences. For many diseases, an early diagnosis and objective measures of outcomes are essential for reducing mortality and morbidity. Part of this package entails the appropriate use of biomarkers. These are biological indicators which often are used routinely in the clinical setting. Recent advances in the chemical and physical sciences have enabled new biomarkers to be developed. This does not mean that traditional markers are redundant as detailed investigations have identified both limitations and advantages in their usage as well as new applications.  This book General Methods in Biomarker Research and their Applications combines both traditional, new and emerging biomarkers in a single publication. The chapters contained in this book have wide applicability to many diseases.


Application to prognosis Biomarkers in disease Cancer Research Discovery of biomarkers High throughput technologies

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  • Victor R. Preedy
    • 1
  • Vinood B. Patel
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Division of Diabetes & Nutritional SciencesFaculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, King's College LondonLondonUnited Kingdom
  2. 2.Faculty of Science & Technology, Department of Biomedical SciencesUniversity of WestminsterLondonUnited Kingdom

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