Clinical Toxinology in Asia Pacific and Africa

  • P. Gopalakrishnakone
  • Abul Faiz
  • Ravindra Fernando
  • Christeine Ariaranee Gnanathasan
  • Abdulrazaq Garba Habib
  • Chen-Chang Yang
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Part of the Toxinology book series (TOXI, volume 2)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Snake Envenomation and Snake Venoms

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Yan-Chiao Mao, Dong-Zong Hung
      Pages 3-22
    3. Yan-Chiao Mao, Dong-Zong Hung
      Pages 23-52
    4. Indraneil Das, Norhayati Ahmed, Lim Boo Liat
      Pages 53-69
    5. Ahmad Khaldun Ismail
      Pages 71-102
    6. Indraneil Das, Joseph K. Charles
      Pages 103-114
    7. Romulus Whitaker, Gerard Martin
      Pages 115-136
    8. B. Vijayaraghavan, S. R. Ganesh
      Pages 137-162
    9. Rajendiran Chinnasamy, Senthilkumaran Subramanian, Thirumalaikoluandusubramanian Ponniah
      Pages 163-190
    10. Joseph K. Joseph
      Pages 191-208
    11. Jaideep C. Menon, Joseph K. Joseph
      Pages 209-232
    12. Aniruddha Ghose, Abul Faiz
      Pages 233-249
    13. Zuhair S. Amr, Ahmad M. Disi
      Pages 251-273
    14. Abdulrazaq G. Habib
      Pages 275-298
    15. Ahmad Maifada Yakasai
      Pages 311-326
    16. S. Mahadevan, R. Ramesh Kumar
      Pages 357-377
    17. Bhadrapura Lakkappa Dhananjaya, Jaideep C. Menon, Joseph K. Joseph, Dileep Kumar Raveendran, Oommen V. Oommen
      Pages 379-400
    18. Henrique Roman Ramos, Paulo Lee Ho
      Pages 401-414
    19. Ponlapat Rojnuckarin
      Pages 415-435
    20. Ponlapat Rojnuckarin
      Pages 437-452
  3. Other Animal Toxins

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 453-453
    2. Robed Amin, Abul Faiz
      Pages 455-482
    3. Nicklaus Brandehoff, Rais Vohra, Leslie Crebassa, Eric Jove Graham, Rene Ramirez
      Pages 483-495
    4. Visith Sitprija, Vijitr Boonpucknavig
      Pages 497-522
    5. Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury, H. A. M. Nazmul Ahasan
      Pages 523-538
    6. Dibakar Chakrabarty, Akriti Rastogi
      Pages 539-552
  4. Plant, Herb, and Mushroom Toxins

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 553-553
    2. Robin Slaughter, Wayne Temple, Leo Schep
      Pages 555-568
    3. Dong-Zong Hung, Yu-Han Hung
      Pages 569-586
    4. Gholamreza Karimi, Bibi Marjan Razavi
      Pages 587-608
    5. Ariful Basher, Quazi Tarikul Islam
      Pages 609-631
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 633-636

About this book


Clinical toxinologic conditions are becoming increasingly frequent, more so than is generally recognized. The conditions comprise of clinical aspects such as the diagnosis, management, and prevention of snakebite envenoming, scorpion sting, mushroom toxins, plant toxins, and other natural toxins. Clinical toxinology also deals with the ecology, epidemiology, regional differences, and varieties of fauna accounting for different envenoming manifestations.


This handbook includes 30 chapters addressing various topics on clinical toxinology such as the epidemiology and management of snakebites in different Asian and African countries, disability following snakebite, effect of snake venoms on hemostasis, socioeconomic  aspects of snakebites, therapeutic application of snake venom, scorpion sting in the Middle East, jellyfish sting, etc. These titles are written by experts currently working in the subspecialty, many of whom have first-hand experience in the relevant research fields. In virtually all the topics, appropriate illustrations are provided to simplify comprehension including tables, figures and pictures.


This reference work on Clinical Toxinology in Asia Pacific and Africa, in the Toxinology handbook series, is designed to keep readers abreast with new knowledge and experience in toxinology regionally and globally. Toxinologists, researchers, scientists, and experts in this field from various working areas considered it necessary to collect all the aspects of clinical toxinology in a single, handy handbook. This can be used by medical students, postgraduate students, general practitioners, specialists in internal medicine, critical care physicians, emergency physicians, and anesthetists worldwide.


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  • P. Gopalakrishnakone
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  • Abul Faiz
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  • Ravindra Fernando
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  • Christeine Ariaranee Gnanathasan
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  • Abdulrazaq Garba Habib
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  • Chen-Chang Yang
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  1. 1.Venom and Toxin Research Programme Department of AnatomyYong Loo Lin School of Medicine National University of SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
  2. 2.Professor of Medicine (Rtd)Sir Salimullah Medical CollegeDhakaBangladesh
  3. 3.Department of Forensic Medicine and ToxicologyUniversity of ColomboColomboSri Lanka
  4. 4.Department of Clinical Medicine Faculty of MedicineUniversity of ColomboColomboSri Lanka
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  6. 6.Department of MedicineSchool of Medicine National Yang-Ming UniversityTaipeiTaiwan

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