Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-l
  2. History of Stereotactic Surgery

    1. P. L. Gildenberg, J. K. Krauss
      Pages 1-33
    2. P. L. Gildenberg, J. K. Krauss
      Pages 35-44
    3. P. L. Gildenberg
      Pages 45-52
    4. B. A. Meyerson, B. Linderoth
      Pages 65-72
    5. E. A. C. Pereira, A. L. Green, D. Nandi, T. Z. Aziz
      Pages 77-95
    6. A. L. Benabid, S. Chabardes, E. Seigneuret
      Pages 97-111
    7. F.-C. Lee, B. Sun, J. Zhang, K. Zhang, F.-G. Meng
      Pages 125-153
    8. P. K. Doshi
      Pages 155-169
    9. S. S. Chung
      Pages 171-178
    10. J. Guridi, M. Manrique
      Pages 179-191
    11. A. Franzini, V. A. Sironi, G. Broggi
      Pages 193-195
  3. Imaging in Stereotactic Surgery

    1. A. A. Gorgulho, W. Ishida, A. A. F. De Salles
      Pages 249-267
    2. M. I. Hariz, L. Zrinzo
      Pages 269-278
    3. M. Schulder, A. Oubré
      Pages 279-286
    4. T. Sankar, G. R. Cosgrove
      Pages 287-298
    5. P. Jabbour, S. Tjoumakaris, R. Rosenwasser
      Pages 299-305
    6. B. Ballanger, T. van Eimeren, A. P. Strafella
      Pages 307-323
    7. B. A. Kall
      Pages 335-343
  4. Stereotactic Targeting

    1. R. J. Coffey
      Pages 345-371
    2. J. Yelnik, E. Bardinet, D. Dormont
      Pages 373-393
    3. A. Hartov, D. W. Roberts
      Pages 443-452
    4. L. D. Lunsford, D. Kondziolka, D. Leksell
      Pages 469-485
    5. A. L. Benabid, S. Chabardes, E. Seigneuret, D. Hoffmann, J. F. LeBas
      Pages 495-509
    6. M. I. Hariz, L. V. Laitinen
      Pages 511-520
    7. M. A. Madera*, W. D. Tobler*
      Pages 521-531
  5. Image Guided Neurosurgery

    1. J. F. Fraser, T. H. Schwartz, M. G. Kaplitt
      Pages 567-581
    2. P. L. Gildenberg
      Pages 583-597
    3. M. Schulder, L. Jarchin
      Pages 599-617
    4. D. Kondziolka, L. D. Lunsford
      Pages 619-629
    5. R. J. Andrews, J. Li, S. A. Kuhn, J. Walter, R. Reichart
      Pages 631-644
    6. J. B. Elder, A. P. Amar, M. L. J. Apuzzo
      Pages 645-662
    7. P. T. Chandrasoma, N. E. Klipfel
      Pages 663-677
    8. E. C. Parker, P. J. Kelly
      Pages 679-698
    9. I. E. McCutcheon
      Pages 699-724
    10. P. L. Gildenberg
      Pages 725-733
    11. M. Tamber, M. Bernstein
      Pages 735-748
    12. G. Al-Shamy, R. Sawaya
      Pages 749-767
    13. E. Taub, A. M. Lozano
      Pages 769-777

About this book


This volume covers stereotactic principles and functional stereotaxis. Amongst the stereotactic principles are discussions of frame-based and frameless systems of stereotaxis, image guidance stereotaxis, atlases and the technical aspects of radiosurgery. Within functional neurosurgery, disorders covered include the diagnosis and management of pain, epilepsy, movement disorders and the rediscovered field of surgery for psychiatric disorders.


Brain Epilepsy Movement Disorders Pain Parkinson's Disease Psychiatric Disorders Stereotactic Procedures

Editors and affiliations

  • Andres M. Lozano
    • 1
  • Philip L. Gildenberg
    • 2
  • Ronald R. Tasker
    • 3
  1. 1.Canadian Research Chair in Neuroscience (Tier 1)TorontoCanada
  2. 2.Houston Stereotactic Concepts, Inc.HoustonUSA
  3. 3.University of TorontoTorontoCanada

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