Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xliv
  2. Introduction to Nanotechnology

    1. Bharat Bhushan
      Pages 1-12
  3. Nanostructures, Micro/Nanofabrication and Materials

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 11-398
    2. Marc Monthioux, Philippe Serp, Emmanuel Flahaut, Manitra Razafinimanana, Christophe Laurent, Alain Peigney et al.
      Pages 43-112
    3. Mildred Dresselhaus, Yu-Ming Lin, Oded Rabin, Marcie Black, Jing Kong, Gene Dresselhaus
      Pages 113-160
    4. Huamei Shang, Guozhong Cao
      Pages 161-178
    5. Babak Ziaie, Antonio Baldi, Massood Atashbar
      Pages 197-238
    6. Helmut Schift, Anders Kristensen
      Pages 239-278
    7. Etienne Menard, John Rogers
      Pages 279-298
    8. Christian Zorman, Mehran Mehregany
      Pages 299-322
    9. Joseph Heremans
      Pages 345-374
    10. Yugang Sun, Seung-Hyun Hur, John Rogers
      Pages 375-400

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 399-587
    2. Michael Heller, Benjamin Sullivan, Dietrich Dehlinger, Paul Swanson, Dalibor Hodko
      Pages 401-414
    3. Darrin Young, Christian Zorman, Mehran Mehregany
      Pages 415-442
    4. Hans Lang, Martin Hegner, Christoph Gerber
      Pages 443-460
    5. Stephen Lee, Mark Ruegsegger, Philip Barnes, Bryan Smith, Mauro Ferrari
      Pages 461-504
    6. Edward McMurchie, Wayne Leifert
      Pages 505-522
    7. Chong Ahn, Jin-Woo Choi
      Pages 523-548
    8. Jim Zoval, Guangyao Jia, Horacio Kido, Jitae Kim, Nahui Kim, Marc Madou
      Pages 549-570
    9. Mike Tan, Abraham Lee
      Pages 571-590
  5. Scanning Probe Microscopy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 589-787
    2. Jason Hafner
      Pages 637-650
    3. Franz Giessibl, Yasuhiro Sugawara, Seizo Morita, Hirotaka Hosoi, Kazuhisa Sueoka, Koichi Mukasa et al.
      Pages 651-678
    4. Markus Morgenstern, Alexander Schwarz, Udo Schwarz
      Pages 679-716
    5. Ozgur Sahin, Calvin Quate, Olav Solgaard, Franz Giessibl
      Pages 717-736
    6. André Schirmeisen, Boris Anczykowski, Harald Fuchs
      Pages 737-766
  6. Nanotribology and Nanomechanics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 789-1336
    2. Marina Ruths, Jacob Israelachvili
      Pages 859-924
    3. Y. Zhu, Ashis Mukhopadhyay, Steve Granick
      Pages 925-950
    4. Enrico Gnecco, Roland Bennewitz, Oliver Pfeiffer, Anisoara Socoliuc, Ernst Meyer
      Pages 981-1010
    5. Nikhil Tambe, Bharat Bhushan
      Pages 1011-1050
    6. Susan Sinnott, Seong-Jun Heo, Donald Brenner, Judith Harrison
      Pages 1051-1106
    7. Andrzej Kulik, Andras Kis, Gérard Gremaud, Stefan Hengsberger, Gustavo Luengo, Philippe Zysset et al.
      Pages 1107-1136
    8. Bharat Bhushan, Michael Nosonovsky
      Pages 1167-1198
    9. Rob Phillips, Prashant Purohit, Jané Kondev
      Pages 1199-1222
    10. Bharat Bhushan
      Pages 1305-1338
  7. Molecularly Thick Films for Lubrication

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1337-1453
    2. Bharat Bhushan, Huiwen Liu
      Pages 1417-1438

About this book


Since 2004 the Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology has established itself as the definitive reference in the Nanoscience field.  It integrates the knowledge from nanofabrication, nanomechanics, materials science, and reliability engineering in just one volume. Reflecting further developments, the new edition has grown from six to eight parts and from 38 to 58 chapters. Existing chapters have been thoroughly updated and new material has been added to cover developing fields such as bionanotechnology, nanorobotics, and NEMS/MEMS reliability. This classic reference book addresses mechanical and electrical engineers, materials scientists, physicists and chemists who work either in the nano area or in a field that is or will be influenced by this new key technology.

From the reviews of the first edition:

"The strong point is its focus on many of the practical aspects of nanotechnology... Anyone working in or learning about the field of nanotechnology would find this an excellent working handbook.’’ IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine

"Outstandingly succeeds in its aim… It really is a magnificent volume and every scientific library and nanotechnology group should have a copy." Materials World

"The integrity and authoritativeness… is guaranteed by an experienced editor and an international team of authors which have well summarized in their chapters information on fundamentals and applications." Polymer News

Key Topics

    • Nanostructures
    • Nanomechanics
    • NEMS /MEMS
    • Micro/Nanofabrication
    • Micro/Nanodevice Reliability
    • Scanning Probe and Force Microscopies
    • Nanotribology and Nanorheology
    • Nanorobotics
    • Molecular Technology
    • Bionanotechnology
    • Therapeutic Nanodevices
    • Industrial Applications
    • Social and Ethical Aspects


  • Covers basic concepts, theory, materials, properties, and fabrication.
  • Contains over 1500 two-color illustrations
  • Numerous comprehensive materials data tables.
  • Features exhaustive references to approved data.
  • A detailed index and fully searchable CD-ROM guarantee quick access to data.



DGAO 2007 MRWCat2006 NEMS/MEMS Nanodevices Nanofabrication Nanomaterials Nanomechanics Nanostructures Nanosystems Nanotribology Reliability of Nanosystems Scanning Probe Microscopy Self-Assembled Monolayers Surfaces Thin Films mst07

Editors and affiliations

  • Bharat Bhushan
    • 1
  1. 1.Nanotribology Laboratory for Information Storage and MEMS/NEMS (NLIM)Ohio State UniversityColumbusUSA

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  • DOI
  • Copyright Information Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007
  • Publisher Name Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg
  • eBook Packages Chemistry and Materials Science
  • Print ISBN 978-3-540-29855-7
  • Online ISBN 978-3-540-29857-1
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